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Review: Keith & Margo's Murder Mystery Dinner #losangeles #entertainment

Cecilia, Andrew, Lauren, Swapna

We went to Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Dinner at Matteo's in Westwood, Los Angeles.

I've read about such murder mystery dinners but had never attended one; this was my first one.

What happened at the dinner?

When we arrived, we went up to the second floor of the restaurant, which had a patio, a reception area with a bar, and a dining room with six tables for around 80 people.

We were given a sheet informing us that a mystery was already going on and we had to talk to others as part of our investigation. The questions were "getting-to-know-you" questions such as what is your name, where do you live, etc.

After spending some time in the patio (you buy your own drinks), we were checked into the dining room and seated.  The host introduced himself and ground rules, warning us not to be alarmed if someone appeared with a gun or if someone was shot or stabbed and so on, that this was part of the show.

 Afterwards a "hit man" ran through the tables and was chased by a police investigator who shot him. His body was whisked away. The investigator was primarily the host of the evening. He was part stand-up comic engaging as many of the audience as he could, cracking jokes, while continuing the "mystery."  

There were two more dead bodies, and notes and letters, and we had to keep track of the "clues" even while we had our dinner.  The "mystery" part happened for the most part between the servings of salad, main dish, and dessert, with another lengthy part in the end that included the investigator's conclusion of who donit.  In the meantime, teams (two per table) had to come up with their own story of who the killer was and what happened.

I am proud to say that our team of four called The Beer Bong Crazies distinguished itself by creating the funniest scenario.  That's the four of us posing below -- see the family resemblance?

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery dinner was fun. I give it around 4 stars, which is what others in the internet rate it.

It could have been better I think with a bit more ambiance, better acoustics, and a better plot.  But for around four hours, we laughed and were silly and had fun; that's good enough.

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