Sunday, November 8, 2015

Vintage Philippine Wedding Pictures & Superstitions #philippines

Teresita Cuenco Gonzalez, photo courtesy of Manny Gonzalez

Here are some pictures of Philippine brides and grooms.  (That's my aunt up there! I don't know the others but they all look very charming.)

The Philippines has wedding superstitions including the follow:

  • It is bad luck for siblings to get married within the same year;
  • It is bad luck to give married couples sharp and pointed objects as these could lead to a broken marriage;
  • The groom should be be at the church before the bride to avoid bad luck;
  • The couple should not see each other the night before their wedding;
  • Rain during a wedding day means good luck

Vintage Postcards of Filipino Women

Photos courtesy of Manny Gonzalez, Ebay and Etsy. 
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