Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Midnight Visitor: Sketch from the Pink Grandma

I'm sharing a drawing I made for my grandchildren.  Enjoy.  ~ Cecilia Brainard

The Midnight Visitor
copyright 2020 by Cecila Brainard

Hello Grandchildren,

Grandpa has the Ring app which allows him to see who's outside our house via video. He discovered that we have visitors that enter the courtyard late at night. There's a large orange cat and another strange looking creature that come around. They sniff around the courtyard and leave. Once I had leftover cat food out there and the strange looking one ate it all.

Here's a drawing of him or her. He or she is as big as a cat and has gray and white fur. He has a very long snout, and he's not really very cute, frankly, because he has patchy fur and a naked tail. He lumbers when he moves.

He or she is an opossum, which is different from a possum. This animal is a marsupial just like the kangaroo. They are not aggressive animals and are famous for playing dead if they are attacked. That's where the term "playing possum" came from. They can pretend they are dead for up to six hours.

Here's a link if you want to learn more about him or her.



The Pink Grandma, Lola, or Grandma

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