Friday, April 25, 2014

Creative Writing Class: "Getting Started" at Writers' Program, UCLA Extension, by Cecilia Brainard

I'm teaching a beginning class at the Writers' Program, UCLA Extension, beginning May 7, for six weeks.  We'll be looking at fundamentals such as character, conflict, dialogue, point of view, plot, voice, setting, scene, etc. I like to conduct my workshops in a supportive way so students are in a safe environment.

Because of my busy schedule, I don't teach all the time, so if you're interested in being in my writing workshop, do join us.  Call Katy Flaherty at 1-310-206-0951 for further information.

The Course Description of "Getting Started" follows:

Many aspire to write creatively, but few know how to get started. This supportive workshop provides you with many fundamental techniques to motivate and guide you. You learn how to use observation and personal experience to create dynamic characters and dialogue, and to write from different points of view. By the end of the course, you will have met your goal of writing creatively, with a series of short sketches or a draft of a short story in hand.

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