Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Garden Update: How My Orchids and Cannibal Plants Are Doing

Garden Update - I've been puttering around the yard, re-potting plants, fussing with my orchids and carnivorous plants (Nepenthes and Sarracenia Purpurea). I also checked to make sure there are wild bees in my garden - and yes there are, although not very many.

Here are some pictures. The top one shows where my new epidendrum is. He needs a nice pot.

Then there's Seymour the cannibal plant, re-potted. After he flowered last December, he started to look ratty, and I had to cut off some brown leaves. I hope he's just hibernating. In any case, he looked lost in his big pot and so I got him a smaller pot. He still doesn't look great and if any one has a suggestion about Seymour, email me, cbrainard@aol.com.

The Sirens, cannibal plants - Nepenthes, are fine. They're sprouting new leaves on top. (Some of their pitchers turned brown and I clipped them off; I hope that was all right to do.)

The Girls (orchids) are in ICU. They got a bit whoozy because I didn't know enough to remove their roots from the Sphagnum Moss when they got home. They've been re-potted and I'm not watering them for a while. I'm spraying their leaves and doing my best to dampen the area around them for humidity. The leaves of some of the orchids aren't firm - oh, dear.

The other pictures show my two-year-old epidendrum, flowering and looking happy.

I just want to remind you, dear Readers, that pesticides can kill bees. Please don't use weed killers and bug killers in your garden. As it is, many domesticated bees have been dying, and I understand wild bees are also suffering. Let's help them by planting bee friendly plants and providing them with water.

Have a great day.

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