Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Pictures: Breaking the Pinatas from the Pinata District of LA, California

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I'm sharing some pictures taken last Easter Sunday. In yesterday's blog I mentioned that we bought two pinatas from the Pinata District of Los Angeles, California. These pictures show the fulfillment of their destinies, and other Easter pictures. (Easter, which celebrates the Resurrection of Christ, is a major holiday in the United States.)

The top picture shows one pinata being filled with candies, quarters, balloons, and other goodies (you cut a hole in the back, slip in the stuff, and tape the cut). The grownup pinata was stuffed with candies, quarters, lotto tickets and little bottles of liquor (mostly plastic, and I wrapped the glass ones in bubble-wrap).

Then you hang the pinatas, making sure people can't break anything around them accidentally. You also want to maintain a safe distance around the pinatas so the children don't run near the person with the stick!

 Then you pose with the pinatas, which will (unfortunately) be destroyed momentarily.

 The children come first, because they've been frothing in anticipation of breaking the pinatas. You blindfold the person with the stick. You could turn the person around so they have no idea where the pinata is, but you run into the danger of getting some people hit. We erred on the safe side and faced the blindfolded person toward the pinata, but note there is a person with a rope tied to the pinata, so the pinata can be hoisted up and down.
 You can limit the number of times the person can hit to give others a chance to hit the pinata before it starts to fall apart.

The pinata's down! Look at the kids running toward it!

 The grownups had their own pinata.

The pinata for the grownups is down, and the kids (and grownups) scramble toward the pinata.

 These are other Easter shots, including a picture of my paella - read "My Two Paelleras and Paella Recipe"

Showing off the paella!

Beauty Queen in training! 

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