Friday, April 11, 2014

My Cats Make Me Laugh Every Day!

My cats make me laugh every day!

These two have been together from the womb of their alley cat mother. They were born behind a shrub and rescued by a saintly Animal Rescue Woman named Carol.

Tesla and Che (after Nikolai Tesla and Che Guevara, may they forgive me) were a few weeks old when we first saw them. Their first "Mom" Carol used to boil chicken for her rescued animals, and these two gray kittens were lapping up chicken broth with bits of chicken in it.

Following Carol's lead, I too boiled chicken for them at home, but they snubbed it. They are dreadfully picky. I've tried just about every label of canned food, and they'll eat a bit, then they'll hate it. Their dry food is Royal Canin Special Formula for Sensitive Stomach.  Yes, they are prone to regurgitating. And Tesla needs a Lysine pill everyday because of a chronic virus condition. Imagine what fun it is to catch him, pry his mouth open and shove that pill down his gullet. (In fact, he's quite good about this and even "arranges" the pill in his mouth so he can swallow it.)

Because they have each other, they are not particularly needy, although they'll follow me around the house and they don't mind if we carry them. They'll even perch on my shoulder. And they sleep at the foot of our bed.

They like to be on my lap or to parade in front of my computer screen when I'm in working. They absolutely love to play; their playtime is at night. Che's favorite toy is the laser; he gets hysterical chasing the laser beam around the floor; Tesla likes the swishing ribbon on a pole.

They are both silly, but I'm fond of them.

Here are some pictures of the "Boys":
Top - Resting on their favorite blanket
Next 2 - Bird watching
Next 2 - Hanging out in my office
Next 2 - Hanging out in the kitchen
Next - Watching TV and resting

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