Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Garden: Bees and My Pride of Madeira Bush

Several years ago when I learned that bees are dying (Colony Collapse Syndrome), I made an effort to plant bee friendly plants in my garden.  I have all sorts of flowers, but the bees love my Pride of Madeira Bush and Rosemary bushes most of all.  Here are some pictures.

The Pride of Madeira and Rosemary are California Native or Adopted plants and easy for me to grow. I love these two plants. The Pride of Madeira is very flamboyant when flowering. The Rosemary is useful, not just for cooking but also for the hair. Rosemary promotes hair growth and gives a nice sheen to the hair.

Here are some pictures. The top four pictures show the Pride of Madeira; the bottom two are of a Rosemary bush. The closeups show flowers with bees.

I just want to remind you, dear Readers, that pesticides can kill bees. Please don't use weed killers and bug killers in your garden. As it is, many domesticated bees have been dying, and I understand wild bees are also suffering. Let's help them by planting bee friendly plants and providing them with water.

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