Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cebu, Philippines: Shepherd's Heart Cafe in the Parian

Shepherd's Heart Cafe in the Parian, Cebu City, Philippines
Corner Mabini and Zulueta, Parian, across Heritage Monument

This is a new Cafe in the Parian, the Historic District of Cebu. I'm hoping Cebuanos will support this one-month old establishment, a project by an American Peace Corps Volunteer, Amelia Kent - do drop by! It's at the corner of Mabini and Zulueta, across the Heritage Monument. 

The Cafe's goal is to train and provide livelihood to young women who had been abused or exploited.

"Mimi Kent and Roy Adam with lots of help worked tirelessly to create this Cafe so that young women in Cebu and elsewhere might have an opportunity to live a normal life free from exploitation and abuse. Good work for a very worthy cause." ~by Clyde Kent

Amelia Kent reminds me of the French woman in the movie, "Chocolat" who started a chocolate business in a small place in France.  Here we have a young American who with the help of Australian Roy Adam fixed up the place, set it up, trained the women, and while the Cafe is open, they continue to spruce up the place.

Here's hoping you'll support the Shepherd's Heart Cafe!

P.S.  I had their tuna melt and mango shake, both very delicious. They make their own bread! In fact, my companion enjoyed the fresh bread so much, she arranged to order two loaves.

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Chiqui said...

I chanced upon this place while doing the rounds of Gabii sa Kabilin last May, and I found the servers to be very accommodating. I had a complimentary cake to go along with my mango shake!