Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cooking with Cecilia - Chicken Soup for My Son's Dogs!

My son has two dogs who adore me. They think I'm an angel, and perhaps the reason for this is that I make them chicken soup.  Seriously.  I boil one whole chicken in a large pot topped off with water. Sometimes I put ginger in it. I boil it for around 2-3 hours, and in the last ten or fifteen minutes, I put in one cup of uncooked rice. Once it has cooled, I debone and shred the meat, mix it up with the rice and broth, I place these in plastic containers to give to them when I visit. They absolutely love the chicken soup with rice -- and me.

They have associated me with the chicken soup and the sight of my car makes them go beserk as they rush to the gate, anxious to see me --- or more accurately, the chicken soup.  

Boiled chicken is very good for dogs. I don't add salt, pepper, just ginger sometimes, and rice.  And oh -- they love the cartilage, which will not hurt them. Don't give them chicken bones as these could shard and hurt them badly. Boiled chicken is better than any canned or dry food you can buy. The Rescue Woman, Carol Kooney, the adoptive Mom of my two cats Tesla and Che, used to make chicken soup for her rescued dogs. That's where I learned how to do this. 

When I was young, we had dogs at home; my father had pedigreed German Shepherds. They used to eat boiled ox tail that my father used to personally inspect before these were given to them. Prince, Silver, and Beauty, were the beloved dogs of my youth. 

In my home now, we have two cats. No dogs. So I get my dog-fix by visiting my son's dogs who show far more gratitude to me than my cats do. (Look at my two gray cats --- totally lazy and ungrateful!)

If you have dogs, or know someone who has a dog, cook this for them sometime, and make the dogs feel great, and guess what --- you'll also feel happy for doing it.

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