Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Literary Cats Reading "When the Rainbow Goddess Wept" and "Out of Cebu"

This July, my two cats, Che and Tesla, turned three years old!  That wonderful Animal Rescue woman, Karol Kooney, had been walking her dogs when the dogs started sniffing behind a bush. A gray cat was giving birth, and Karol rescued that cat and her kittens. We adopted two of those kittens and named them Che and Tesla (after Che Guevara and Nikolai Tesla).

Now I heard that while I was away, my three-year old cats decided to read my books, When the Rainbow Goddess Wept and Out of Cebu: Essays and Personal Prose. They had been reading Harper Lee, Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Apparently, while I was gone, they discovered that the Woman Who Opens Cans (me) is a writer after all! Even though they had spent a lot of time with me in my office, they never realized that I was actually writing. They thought I was just messing around with emails and Facebook and such.

In Out of Cebu, they loved the piece about my cat Kiki, and in When the Rainbow Goddess Wept, they enjoyed Laydan's epics songs. They think Esperanza is a very interesting kid and would have wanted to have read more about her naughtiness.

My literary cats have also been reading write ups re my participation in the Cebu Literary Festival.

They are very impressed!

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