Saturday, July 5, 2014

Palawan, Philippines - The Filipina Women Writers Meet Again!

Last year, at around this time, a group of four Filipina writers: Susan Evangelista, Nadine Sarreal, Melissa Ramos, and I, had gone to Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay for a Writers Retreat.  We are doing a retreat again, this time in the island of Palawan.

This is my third visit to this beautiful island that has pristine beaches and, which still maintains a quiet, otherworldly ambiance. Now that I've been to Fiji, I can say that Palawan is something like Fiji, blessed with such beauty but still somewhat provincial - I say this as a complement. It feels like my hometown of Cebu back in the1950s. There are no taxis, so one has to take a tricycle or hired cars to move about.  The airport is small, something you might find in the middle of nowhere, except for the fact that Palawan is a tourist destination, and in the plane was in, I could hear people speaking in German and French.

The four of us are gathering in Puerto Princesa before driving to another part of Palawan, Sabang, to Daluyon Resort near the Underground River.

We are spending our first night in Palawan at the Purple Fountain Inn, so called because the place does have a purple fountain.  I ventured out and found a pearl shop where I splurged on some South Sea pearls (more on that in a future blog). Palawan has four South Sea pearl farms, and if you like these huge lustrous pearls, this is the place to get them.

P.S. - Sunday - Internet is slow, so stories about this Palawan adventure may have to wait.  Daluyon Resort where we are is simply beautiful and peaceful.  I sit on the balcony of our upper room overlooking the calm pristine sea.  Beyond, I am told, across the water is Vietnam.

Stay tuned, dear Readers, for more of our Palawan adventure

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