Friday, July 11, 2014

Pictures: Philippine National Artist F. Sionil Jose Collection Turnover to DLSU Libraries

I attended the formal turnover of the F. Sionil Jose Collection to the De La Salle University Libraries last July 11, 2014. I must say, dear Readers, that I was giddy with happiness that afternoon. I was delighted to see Philippine National Artist Frankie Jose, his wife Tessie and his children; and I also saw a lot of friends there.

We took a lot of pictures to capture the moment. I do not see them often because I'm California-based, so it was special to see Mila Aguilar, Felice Sta. Maria, Isagani Cruz, Connie Maraan, Lourdes Montinola, Jing Pantoja Hidalgo, Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Marily Orosa, Dada Fres, and many more. There was even a group of Maryknollers present since Frankie and Tessie Jose's daughters attended Maryknoll College as I did.

There were in fact quite a number of people present and the event was very warm and elegant. It was comforting to know that F. Sionil Jose's collection is now housed in this fine university and will be available to researchers.

I'll be adding pictures and names to this blog entry, so check back, dear Readers,

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This is all for now, check back, dear Readers, and have a great weekend!

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