Friday, August 15, 2014

Santa Monica, California: Coyotes in My Neighborhood!

I saw this sign in my neighborhood. It's a warning that a coyote or coyotes have been spotted in the area and have been preying on small animals.

Coyote picture courtesy of Wikipedia

According to a one year old article, coyotes have been coming down from their natural habitat, the Santa Monica mountains, to scavenge around the city. Our house is not near the mountains, so the coyote or coyotes that roam around here have traveled far. In the summer, more of them are spotted  because their natural sources dry up, and they look for food and water in the city.

The coyote is a wild dog that hunts and eats a mixed diet, including small animals, crickets, and even native fruits and nuts. They are reportedly very secretive. We are advised to stay away from them; and obviously pet dogs and cats should be kept indoors. There have been signs in the neighborhood of missing pets.

Photos by Cecilia Brainard; the picture of the coyote is courtesy of Wikipedia

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