Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Syria War: What Happened to the Syrian Revolution

This is a good analysis of the situation in Syria. The article by Bassillios Zeino is titled, "How the Syrian Revolution Was Beheaded" and published by Al-Monitor.  I'm posting excerpts from the article. 

 "The absence of self-criticism, censure and immediate accountability, as well as the Syrian intellectuals' and politicians' betrayal of their historical role, are factors that have served to symbolically decapitate the Syrian Revolution before truly being decapitated by the armed jihadist battalions. ...

"Through two years of revolution, the pretext used by Syrian intellectuals and politicians in their rejection of self-assessment of errors and criticism was that the regime started it, and that the one who starts it is to blame, as if the regime was a role model for revolution. As for not criticizing war crimes committed by opposition forces, its excuse was that it puts the victim and the executioner at the same level.

"This intelligentsia hid behind slogans of the people to sell them illusions of rapid settlement and victory. This intelligentsia changes as its position on Jabat al-Nustra changes. First, it denied its existence, and then it started desperately defending the need to take advantage of its presence. Then, it objected to having it labeled as a terrorist organization and moved to being shocked to see its crimes and to criticizing them in an indirect yet gentle way.


"If the Assad regime was the first and last party to blame for the destruction of the country, then the opposition and its armed battalions are the only ones to blame for the abortion of the revolution and its transformation into a nihilistic movement."

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