Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tea with Writers Brian Ascalon Roley and Marilyn Alquizola

Brian Ascalon Roley, who was visiting the Los Angeles area, stopped by for tea and Marilyn Alquizola joined us. We had a lovely time talking about literature, writers, and our current book projects. 

Brian Roley is the author of American Son (W.W. Norton) and is Associate Professor at the Miami University. Brian has obliged me many times by contributing to books I've edited such as Growing Up Filipino I, Growing Up Filipino II, A La Carte Food and Fiction, Magnificat, and more. Brian was also my guest blogger, so be sure and read his story "Old Man" in this blog.

Marilyn Alquizola, who is affiliated with UCLA's Center for Southeast Asian Studies, is an expert on Carlos Bulosan. She was generous enough to give us copies of a recent edition of Bulosan's "America is in the Heart (University of Washington Press), with a new introduction by her and Lane Ryo Hirabayashi.

Don't forget that the Prayer for Iraq and Syria in the US is on Sunday, August 17, and on Monday August 18 in the Philippines.

Have a great weekend.

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