Saturday, April 11, 2015

Las Vegas: Elton John and Green Nails

Elton John

We're in Las Vegas for a reunion with some Maryknoll friends. We arrived a day ahead to see the Elton John Concert (Rocket Man, Bennie and the Jets, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, etc). It was very entertaining. Performance was fine; the stage was glitzy; the drummer/percussion man was exceptionally good. 

I had seen Celine Dion perform on the same stage.  I felt Celine gave you 200% of herself. She really worked hard.

The weather is good in Las Vegas. It's around 80 degrees in the daytime, and 60 degrees at night. It's very comfortable.  I've been here when it's been sizzling hot.  

Here are some pictures which I took.  I shot the bottom pictures first, on our way to Las Vegas.  One picture shows a futuristic-looking solar field, and another shows a salt flat. The third shows the entry to Las Vegas. You can see that it's desert all around. This city developed in the middle of nowwhere, with gambling as its foundation. 

The other pictures include Elton John on stage, and random shots taken as we drove down the Strip. It's Saturday night and it's crowded. Las Vegas has high energy especially in the Strip. It's a party town.

I'm not  much of a gambler, but I had my nails painted green to "call green bucks" into my hands.

Stay tuned for more about this visit to Las Vegas.

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