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Los Angeles Restaurant Review: Alejos vs Eddie's Italian Restaurants


We've been dining at Eddie's Italian Restaurant (4002 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey 90292) for years. This used to be called Alejos, and we were aware that there was another Alejos in Westchester. Around three years ago, the two family-style restaurants must have split up because the one in Marina del Rey switched its name to Eddie's. But we knew there had been some kind of historic connection at one time.

When a friend invited us to Alejos (8343 Lincoln Blvd, Westchester 90045) to celebrate his birthday, I looked forward to finally taste-testing the food there.  

Both restaurants serve you their signature bread with a garlic and olive oil dip as soon as you are seated. My husband and I ordered what we always order at Eddie's: Caesar salad, fried calamari, shrimp el diablo. 

Here's our verdict: the bread, salad, and shrimp el diablo at Eddie's was slightly better.

The fried calamari was a disappointment at Alejo's. Eddie's serves twice the amount that Alejo's serves for the same price. More importantly, Eddie's calamari is better. Alejo's has cut up the pieces so small that for the most part, I was eating fried batter.

The difference between the two restaurants is slight, so let's say Eddie's has a four-star, and Alejo's  gets a three-star.

So there you are. I probably will not go back to Alejos in Westchester, but will definitely dine at Eddie's again, and again. Another little perk at Eddie's is that one can bring one's own wine. 

If you're near Marina del Rey and want good Italian food, stop by Eddie's. Park across the street, because parking in the small mall is limited.

If you have a large group, go to Alejos in Westchester because it has more tables and is roomier.

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