Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Household Things Make You Smile?

I pose the question: What household things make you smile?

And I give my answer below.

I have forgotten where I got this crying doll, but I've had it for years. Sometimes, when I'm feeling the way she looks, I stare at her and I forget my upset.  She has this pathetic tear-stained, pouty, and dirty face. I feel sorry for her even though she looks like a brat.

The children who see her don't like her at all. When a visiting child cries, I wave the doll in front of him/her and get instant silence.

 This "Ent" face on my tree also makes me smile. You can barely see the eyes, nose, and lips, and when you do, it's a bit of a surprise.

Responses from Facebook Readers:

Yolanda Lelis Punsalan - I think my can opener, it's most useful for me since I don't know how to cook.

Leticia Estalilla Rubin - Little things that make me smile each time I glance atop my bookshelf - my birthstone (peridot) crystal angel bell, which a dear friend gave me once upon a time; a cute picture frame given to me by my granddaughter bought with her saved money (she was only 8 then),  and a cute candle given to me by my late husband, one time we walked into a candle store. He bought it, spur of the moment, for the inscription and each time I see it, THAT moment flashes back, bringing a smile to my lips and a joy in my heart ...

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