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Restaurant Review: Dim Sum at Ocean Seafood, Chinatown, Los Angeles, California

We've been having Dim Sum at Ocean Seafood (750 N. Hill St., LA, 90012) in Chinatown, Los Angeles, for years. To those who don't know, Dim Sum is Chinese food which is served as individual portions in carts. Servers, usually women, wheel the carts around the restaurant. All one has to do is look at their display and decide which dish to order. The server lifts the container, places this on one's table, and marks the bill on the table. There may be three or four pieces in a container, so it's perfect for two or three people to share, allowing all to sample various dishes.

I'll talk about the pluses of Ocean Seafood Restaurant: they have dishes that we enjoy, such as roast pork and fried shrimp with spicy salt, and they have the usual sort of dim sum dishes like siomai, baos, and shrimp delicacies. We enjoy their custard and rice cakes for dessert.  The restaurant is spacious and never really very crowded, which means seating isn't a problem. There is valet parking in their outside lot, which makes it convenient.

On the other hand, I should mention that the place is rather pricey for food that is somewhat ordinary. Still, we enjoy their dim sum and have brought guests there for the dim sum experience.

To conclude, Ocean Seafood Restaurant probably rates 3 Stars. It doesn't merit 4 or 5 Stars. I had excellent dim sum in Toronto, Canada so I have a basis for comparison.

l-r: Doug Noble, Lauren Brainard

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