Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Native American: My Good Luck Storyteller Dolls

 I have three Storyteller clay figurines that give me good luck with my writing.

Storyteller figurines became popular in the 1960s. Various Native American tribes have their own version. Basically there is a woman figure with her mouth wide open (she is telling a story or singing a song) and children are near her to listen to her story or song.

Each of my three figurines come from a different Indian tribe. The middle one is Hopi with many children; she is my favorite. I've lost track of who made the other two. They're souvenirs from gift shops, nothing expensive, but I like them.

When I need a boost regarding my writing, I will look at them and remember I'm just singing a song or telling a story -- that is all I'm doing. And then I'm able to continue.

I think the Hopi Storyteller (my first acquisition) helped me with the writing of my first novel, When the Rainbow Goddess Wept, (or Song of Yvonne), which involves a Philippine epic singer. The old epic singer, Laydan, passes on the storytelling tradition to the child Yvonne, who is the narrator of this World War II story.

It's easy to imagine the Hopi Storyteller as an epic singer!

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