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Entertainment: Confessions of a Game of Thrones Addict

I'm getting ready for Season 5 of Game of Thrones, which starts on April 12, 2015.

I must admit that I'm a Game of Thrones addict. My son had introduced me to the books years ago, and I approached the reading with caution. I generally prefer literary fiction to commercial. I later realized that the writer, George R. R. Martin, created interesting characters and situations. In fact, the books are skillfully done.

The movie series is even more entertaining since one just sits back and watches --- you don't have to read and muddle through the huge cast. Each scene has some dramatic event going on, and the characters have clear-cut motivation (power!) so that despite the twists and turns, the viewer can generally follow what is going on.  The viewer also gets into the lives of various characters so there's no time to be bored.

Warning: If you are unfamiliar with the characters, it's impossible to follow. Our friend who watched a show with us and who knew nothing about Game of Thrones, had no clue what was going on and was bored.

Really, I am not being condescending when I say the  Game of Thrones is enjoyable. Once you get to know the characters, and there are many of them, you feel you know them. There's Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, who's hell bent on getting back her father's throne.  There's the dwarf Tyrion Lannister who's a sympathetic member of the ruthless Lannister family. His sister Cersei and nephew Joffrey are also incredibly cruel and hateful. (I was happy to see Joffrey die in Season 4.)

I note that the world in the Game of Thrones is male-dominated. Even though some women are strong, they derive their power from men. Even Daenerys who develops into a determined queen, got her start from her husband Drogo; later her dragons are a source of power. Women like Cersei, the Queen of Thorns, and others have had to manipulate their husbands to get power. Young Margaery, as another example, learns from her grandmother cunning tricks in order to control the young king, Tommen.

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