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Restaurant Review: Cuenco Cousins Pictures and Reviews of London Restaurants

l-r: Cuenco Cousins: Celine Conejos, Chickie Feraren, Manny Gonzalez

My Cuenco cousins are in London! They had invited me and my husband to go with them, but we couldn't make it. Here are some pictures of them, and here too are reviews of London Restaurants by Celine Conejos. She had done these before this trip.

A Philippine Diplomat's wife, Celine Conejos is a permanent resident of Makati, although she currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland. She reviews hotel, restaurant, and attraction sites in TripAdvisor under the name of Coellum. She says this of herself:

"My father was very fond of traveling. He passed on his wanderlust to me. I enjoy traveling and planning for my trips. People close to me benefit from this. My children have many good memories of happy vacations together. At present, I live in Geneva temporarily. Being in the heart of Europe gives me many opportunities to see new places."

 The following reviews first appeared in Trip Advisor and are reprinted with Celine Conejos' permission. I look forward to posting more of her reviews about other places in my blog. Thanks to Celine Conejos for sharing her reviews.

Court Restaurant at the British Museum - 4 Stars
The British Museum
"Nice Setting"
I just love the skylight roof of the British Museum. So it was a treat to sit at the restaurant, right under it. We had tea and croissants. It was served in pretty English cups and plates which just added to the pleasure of having refreshments here.

The Savoy Grill - 2 Stars
92 Strand
"Unrealistic Portions"

Our server showed us 3 pieces of raw meat telling us that the servings were big and for sharing. My cousin and I wanted to share a 400 gm rib eye steak. We were told by our server that it was "small". Following her advice, we ordered one each. When it arrived, it turned out to be a slab of meat! I do not understand why there was so much of a "show" emphasizing sharing. This was definitely an order that 2 middle aged women could have shared. I did not like the decor. While I do not bright lights, the lighting here was too dim, I did not like the paneling on the walls which to me have a 70s feel. And I didn't like the server telling us that 400 gms was too small for 2 persons. We were so foolish to believe her. I am a fan of Gordon Ramsey and I wanted to like this place. But I will not be back.


Galvin Demoiselle at Harrods London - 3 Stars
87-135 Brompton Road
"Convenient for Lunch after Shopping"

Our children took a separate table. I liked the cauliflower soup. The confit de canard was only just alright. I was not impressed with the food but it was fine. After shopping at Harrods, it was a convenient place to have lunch. The surroundings are quaint. Ceilings are lovely.


Kam Tong Restaurant - 5 Stars
59063 Queensway
"Delicious Dimsum"

For many years now, whenever we go to London, we go to Kam Tong for dimsum. My children can go very quickly through the pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings and Vietnamese spring rolls. Yesterday, we had roast duck, and noodles as well. In the immediate area, there are other Chinese restaurants to choose from as well. But for this family, Kam Tong is difficult to beat.

Golden Hind - 4 Stars
73 Marylebone Lane

"Good Fish and Chips"

We ordered cod, haddock, scampi, calamari with fries, peas, fried feta and cheese. The food was brought promptly. It also disappeared almost as quickly. For dessert, we had spotted dick (pudding with raisins), Apple crumble and chocolate sponge. They were smothered with custard sauce. We were also given some ice cream. The desserts must be British comfort food. We enjoyed these as well. It was fortunate that we had reserved because the place soon filled up. It is about a 15 minute walk from the Bond Street Tube stop.

Shake Shack - 5 Stars
24 Market Building, Covent Garden

"Just as Good as Stateside"

I have eaten at Shake shack in New York. The hamburgers are just as delicious and juicy. I was glad that I had decided to share my milkshake with my son. It was very thick. I had to use a spoon instead of the straw provided. Conveniently located for a tourist, it is in Covent Garden. It was the perfect stop for lunch since we have some teenagers in our group.


La Bardigiana - 4 Stars
5 Bernard Street

One of the young ones in our group missed spaghetti. This is why we ate here. To my surprise, every dish was delicious. I had parpadelle pasta with bolognese sauce. There were raviolis and spaghettis with seafood. There was a risotto with seafood. The owner explained that the name of the restaurant means someone from Bardi. We enjoyed our meal here.


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