Monday, March 9, 2015

Santa Monica, California: Sunday with Christine Colin and Max Girerd

 Our friends, Christine Colin and Max Girerd, from Lyon, France, spent Sunday afternoon with us.
Christine owns and runs the Atelier du Griffon, where she trains wig makers the old art as it was done. The third generation wig maker in her family, Christine is one of a handful of wig makers in Europe who still knows the old art. Max is an international businessman, who loves sailing.

They visit California regularly, and we have spent time we them here and in France. Sunday, we walked through Santa Monica Promenade and down to Palisades Park where some snakes and macaws were on display. For a few bucks, you could have your picture taken with a python around your neck.

Down to Santa Monica Pier we went where it was crowded and festive. Really, it felt almost like a summer day -- sunny, warm, dazzling clear. There were even people swimming in the ocean.

From the pier, we went to Historic Chez Jay for dinner. Christine tried what I always order there - Linguine with Clams and she loved it. We also enjoyed the chocolate chip cake for dessert.

The pictures were mostly taken at or near the pier. There are two pictures taken at home, including a shot of Max with the mounted antlers, my gift to them. You can see that Max likes these.

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