Saturday, March 7, 2015

LBC Express Shipping and Filipino Comfort Food

Several times a year, I make a trip to LBC Express in Los Angeles to send boxes with donations to a priest whose parish is in Northern Cebu, Philippines.

It used to take a month by boat to get a package shipped from Los Angeles to the Philippines. Because of post-9/11 scrutiny, it now takes two months or more. The box is huge, measuring 17 by 18 by 28. If you're shipping by sea, weight is not an issue (volume is), and each box costs around $70 to ship.

Afterwards, I stopped by a Filipino restaurant for comfort food. It's called a "turo-turo" restaurant, which literally means "point-point." What it means is that food is pre-cooked and one just has to point at what one wants. Here are pictures of some Filipino dishes, including fish, noodles, and stews.

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