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Sam Dunn Article and Family Tree of the Writers Program, UCLA Extension

 My husband received the UCLA Magazine, April 2015 issue, and he called my attention to an article by Samantha Dunn about the Writers Program at UCLA Extension.

I quote from the article's teaser:

"The UCLA Extension Writers' Program would be famous enough if it were just the largest and most comprehensive continuing education creative writing and screenwriting program in the world. But it's also an incubator for talent, a creative community, a symbolic shoulder for shuddering writers to cry on -- and a primary catalyst for Los Angeles' literary scene. Sam Dunn, writers Program alumna, teacher and esteemed author, takes us inside this iconic program..."

You can read the rest of the article in this UCLA Magazine link. Sam Dunn mentions the passing of a colleague, Les Plesko, as well as how she first got connected with the Program. Sam Dunn writes, "I don't honestly remember how I heard about the UCLA Extension Writers' Program, but I signed up for a literary journalism course with Alan Rifkin '77 ..."

I also attended classes at the Writers Program and became a teacher. I have seen the program grow under the leadership of Dr. Linda Venis and have often told her that she has done an excellent job creating a literary community in Los Angeles. I used to belong to an international writers group in Los Angeles that was rife with bickering, and the contrast between that group and the Writers Program is pronounced. The vibes at the Writers Program are positive and creative.

I  was happy to see the "Family Tree" (by Ben Gibson) and read the names of writers I know or have known -- my mentor and teacher, Leonardo Bercovicci, Eve La Salle Caram, Lou Mathews, Barbara Abercrombie, Eloise Klein Healy, Dan M. Jaffe, Maria Amparo Escandon, Aimee Liu, Wanda Coleman, Lauren Ann Bogen, Claire Carmichael, Karen E. Bender. Cristina Garcia, Sam Dunn, Les Plesko, Rachel Kann, Rachel Resnick, Stephen Cooper, and all the rest whom I admire.

Thanks Writers' Program for including me in the tree (top left).

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