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Philippine Cooking: Spam, Eggs, and Rice Breakfast

Growing up in the Philippines, canned food like Spam, Corned Beef, and Vienna Sausage were considered special. 

One of my favorite breakfast was (and is) Spam, eggs, and rice. The rice was steamed, although fried garlic rice became popular when I got older. The eggs were fried, over-easy. The Spam was also fried, but just when the pieces were almost done, we sprinkled sugar on the Spam so that each piece had a caramelized coating -- red brown, gooey, with crisp edges, absolutely heavenly. Using your spoon and fork, you got a bit of egg, Spam, and rice and popped that in your mouth --- oh, the thought makes my mouth water!

I was surprised to learn, when I came to the US, that Spam is not considered special and is, in fact, reviled by some. Spam is sometimes referred to as "white trash or trailer food." I've heard some American friends say they never ate Spam in their entire lives. I don't know if they're telling the truth, because obviously quite a number of Americans are eating Spam. There is an Annual Spam Festival and an annual Spam Jam in the U.S. The way I look at it the makers of Spam are doing just fine.

In places like the Philippines and Hawaii though, people are united in their love for Spam. In Hawaii, they even make Spam Sushi - see picture, courtesy of 

In the Philippines, we stick to frying Spam, with or without the sugar caramelized coating. I know that Filipinos in America continue to enjoy this breakfast.

Try this Filipino breakfast sometime!

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