Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Taco Tuesday at Gilbert's in Santa Monica, California - #food, #restaurant

We will sometimes go to "Taco Tuesday" at Gilbert's El Indio Restaurant (2526 Pico Blvd.) in Santa Monica, California. Our son introduced us to Gilbert's many years ago because it was/is a popular hangout for surfers. Gilbert's also happens to have good Mexican food. For years, we have been going to Gilbert's generally on Friday nights, and now also Tuesday for "Taco Tuesday."  

 It's not that we really eat tacos on "Taco Tuesday" but it's become a habit.

Last Tuesday, we ate there with our friend, Doug Noble, and they had a burrito and chimichanga, I had four small soft tacos.  We also had a guacamole dip and a pitcher of Margarita.

It makes for a pleasant Tuesday evening. I followed this meal with homemade chocolate chip cookies at home.

Gilbert's has a 4-Star rating with Yelp, a 5-Star rating at TripAdvisor, a 4.5 Star rating with, and a 4-star rating at their own site.  Cecilia's rating of this restaurant is 4-Star.  I love their Chile Relleno; Lauren likes their Chimichanga; and others have enjoyed their Fernando's Burritos, and other dishes. It's a safe bet for a casual evening out for good Mexican food. The place fills up, so go early.  Tuesday in particular gets really crowded.

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