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Remembering Milette Estrada - Maryknoll College, QC 1968

Milette Estrada born 5/19/50 died 12/17/14

Some graduates of Maryknoll College's Class of 1968 had a Memorial Mass for Milette Estrada on March 23, 2015 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, 1015 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. 

Those who attended were: Maria and Sim Ciocon, Lorna and Raul Cruz, Marie and Pat Cruz, Tina and Andy Heiter, Lucy and Patrick McGinley, Esther and Owen Parker, Chona Preston, Milette's relatives were there: Zari de la Torre, Jinky Estrada, and Francis dela Torre. There were approximately 45 people at St. John's church for the Monday Mass, officiated by two priests who had known Milette.

After the Mass, the Maryknollers had lunch at Mimi's, where Maria Ciocon presented a cake to celebrate Chona Preston's birthday. 

Later, a small group proceeded to the Forest Lawn Cemetery where Milette is interred.

The pictures taken at the church and lunch are courtesy of Maria Ciocon, Andy and Tina Heiter. Click on the pictures to make them large.

Tina Heiter's offering of flowers

l-r: Lorna Cruz, Lucy McGinley, Jinky Estrada, Zari de la Torre, & Chona Preston, photo courtesy of Lucy McGinley

What is Dying? By Bishop Brent
A ships sails and I stand
Watching till she fades on
The horizon and someone at my
Side says, “she is gone.” Gone where?
Gone from my sight, that is all;
She is just as large as when I
Saw her. The diminished size,
And the total loss of sight is in me,
Not in her, and just at the moment
When someone at my side says,
“She is gone,” There are others who
are watching her coming, and
other voices take up a glad shout,
“There she comes!” and that is dying.
The following pictures were taken at Mimi's where the group celebrated Chona Preston's birthday.

I see r-l: Patrick McGinley, Lucy McGinley, Owen Parker, Esther Parker, Maria Ciocon, Sim Ciocon, 

 Chona Preston

 l-r: Chona Preston, Esther Parker

l-r: Lucy McGinley, Maria Ciocon, Guest

l-r: Chona Preston, Guest, Tina Heiter, Owen Parker

The following are pictures of Milette with some Maryknoll Classmates

l-r: Josette Adams, Milette Estrada, Laurie Navarro Black

l-r: Milette Estrada, Med Villanueva, Lucy McGinley, Meldee Perez, Maria Ciocon

Seated l-r: Chona Preston, Esther Parker, Guest, Guest; Standing l-r: Med Villanueva, Marie Alba, Maria Ciocon, Tina Heiter, Cecilia Brainard, Milette Estrada, Lucy McGinley

Setaed l-r: Tina Heiter, Med Villanueva, Maria Ciocon, Milette, Estrada; Standing l-r: Esther Parker, Lucy McGinley, Cecilia Brainard, Lorna Cruz, Marichi Santiago

l-r: Lorna Cruz, Esther Parker, Tina Heiter, Milette Estrada

Seated l-r: Marichi Santiago, Lucy McGinely, Maria Ciocon, Med Villanueva; Standing l-r: Milette Estrada, Cecilia Brainard, Tina Heiter, Esther Parker, Lorna Cruz, Chona Preston

Comments by Milette's classmates posted in Facebook:

Ana Marie de Jesus - I salute Milette for having lived her purpose driven life. She was truly blessed.
Nina L. Yuson - What a full life you've led Milette.
Marily Orosa - I'm sure you are so happy in heaven, Milette!
Lyn Indiongco - Miss you dearest friend, but I am sure you are praying in heaven for all of us to be with God. That is your mission now.
Evelyn R. Bosch - Your work here is done, Milette, sleep peacefully now!
Cecilia Brainard - May she rest in peace!
Gee Vee S - She served the Lord on earth, now she reaps in heaven.
Josette Adams - Milette was a great human being and a close friend. I don't know why she had to go so soon, but I can't question that. I am so sad.
Milette Orosa - Rest in Peace, dear Milette
Charlyn Cabanero - May the Lord give her family the peace, comfort, and love only He can give.
Frances Ponce de Leon - Two years ago, after a long, long time, we had lunch that extended till dusk. We shared our life stories; it was wonderful to hear about Milette's own journey, her marraiges, her religious convictions, her travels, which led her to her own spirituality ... I will surely miss her.
Miriam Durban Tagamolila - May she rest in peace.

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