Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Love My Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Our sons introduced us to the Roomba, a home robot, which  vacuums the floor. What fascinated me about this gadget is that it was (reportedly) first created to help in military defense. Specifically it was used to clear land mines!

From, I quote: "More than 5,000 of the company's defense and security robots have been delivered to researchers, military and civil defense forces worldwide, performing thousands of dangerous search, reconnaissance and bomb-disposal missions while protecting those in harm's way."

I don't have land mines in my floor, but the Roomba does a great job vacuuming the carpet and wooden floors. I put it on the floor, push the button on top, and the machine does the vacuuming. It moves around the room on it's own, bumping then avoiding furniture as it swirls about. It's very good at reaching areas that are difficult to reach -- under the bed, furniture, tight corners. I believe it operates on some internal pattern, which it adjusts depending on the obstacles it encounters. After around 30-40 minutes of running around in a room, the room is pretty clean. Now and then Roomba gets stuck, and I have to reposition it. It has to be emptied off dust and debris after each use. It's easy to clean the parts. 

Some people may find it a bit expensive, but it's a really nifty machine and worth it. 

I love the idea that it was created for defense but translated well into being a house cleaner. (There are Irobot versions that scrub floors but I don't have that one.) It reminds me of how food canning was done initially for military food supply

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