Thursday, September 3, 2015

The 4th Power Girl Band from the Philippines Wows X-Factor

Photo grabbed from Facebook

I found myself quite amused by the success of a Filipina Girl Band, 4th Power, also known as The Gollayan Sisters and The Cercados.

The young women, ages 19-27, have been performing for several years now, but they recently wowed the judges at the X-Factor, a UK talent show.

There are accusations that the young women were a fix, that is that their performance wasn't an audition but that the producers had actually brought them in. In response there are articles stating that the ladies never hid their professional background in Asia. Filipinos relate this bickering to "crab mentality," referring to how one crab pulls another down as they try to make their way up.

The quarrel continues, but my guess is that the bickering has come about only because the ladies were such a hit and quickly got 4 million YouTube hits of their UK performance.

Take a look at their energetic performance and smile as I did. I found them charming and entertaining.  If they've got a shtick that worked, well, good for them. It's a tough world out there especially for performers.

Click on the link below to watch them:

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Photos from their Facebook account

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