Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Philippine American Literature: The Halo-Halo Review and The Mangozine

Here's an announcement from Eileen R. Tabios who is a poet, fiction writer, editor, critic, and publisher. 


We’re delighted to announce the debut of THE HALO-HALO REVIEW (HHR) and its zine, The Mangozine

HHR ( serves as an online aggregator of links to reviews and other engagements with English-language works in all genres by Filipinos writers.  We are always looking for links to how people are discussing Filipino-authored works. Send links to us at galateaten at gmail dot com.  HHR will be updated as link information is received.

HHR’s The Mangozine ( will come out as often as the editor has time to put an issue together – we currently expect to release the zine two to three times a year.  Through The Mangozine, we will present new reviews and engagements, reader testimonials about beloved Filipino authors and online publication of reviews, book introductions and other relevant material that already exists but are not yet available online.  The inaugural issue at presents an example of the type of material future issues may include.

We hope HHR is of service to lovers of literature as well as teachers. In particular, The Mangozine’s third section that offers online reprints of book Introductions, Prefaces, and Afterwords serve to highlight the uniqueness of Filipino literature which is often subsumed in larger categories such as Asian American and/or People of Color literature.

Feel free to contact me through if you have questions or suggestions.  Until then, have a happy time discovering more about the variety and beauty of Filipino English-language literature.

Eileen R. Tabios

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