Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Los Angeles: It Rained in Southern California!

It might as well be a News Flash -- it rained last night through most of this morning! In Santa Monica, we had 1.74 inches of rain. Downtown Los Angeles had 1.70 inches. That's a lot of rain for us.

Southern California is in it's fourth consecutive year of drought and rain like this is welcome even though it causes floods and some havoc.

The drought has been so bad that many people have ripped out their green lawn and landscaped with gravel or sand instead. Plants have been substituted with drought tolerant ones. It is not OK to hose down driveways, wash cars, waste water. When we see green gardens, we know the owners have not been conserving water and a visceral resentment rises in the gut. Some people catch their laundry water to use for watering the plants. Five minute showers are recommended.

The message is clear:  CONSERVE WATER!

May more rain be forthcoming!

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