Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Update: Our Lady of Velankanni and Blue Daisy Cafe

A Selfie of Cecilia and Lauren Brainard Taken at the Blue Daisy Cafe

On Saturday, my prayer group celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of  Velankanni at Maria and Sim Ciocon's house where Father Eric said Mass. Our group has stayed together for over four years now. Special thanks to the Ciocons for consistently hosting the prayer meetings.

Father Eric saying Mass at the Ciocon Home

2011 picture of l-r: Sim Ciocon, Father Sebastian, Maria Ciocon

On Sunday, we decided to try another breakfast place, the Blue Daisy Cafe (609 Broadway, Santa Monica), a popular cafe in Santa Monica with high ratings. We tried their eggs benedict and salmon crepe and the food and service were fine, around a 3.5 to 4 star to my estimation.

Southern California is having a heat wave right now. For days people have been sweltering, even in the west side where we're near the sea and should have cooler temperature.  The heat wave aggravates the drought, although people are hopeful that the anticipated El Nino will bring rain.

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