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Bad Reviews for Caris Properties, Playa Del Rey, California #propertymanagement #realestate

I learned that Caris Properties (Playa Del Rey) seems to be a client of, a site that advertises that it intercepts negative feedback and gets good ones. 
In other words, the reviews of Caris Properties online are most likely inaccurate. Therefore, I'm reposting the Bad Reviews Caris Properties earned in Yelp so the public is aware.

By Eric W. 10/29/14:

Wow. Dealing with Caris Properties was a really bad experience. The worst experience I have had in the history of looking for a rental property in Los Angeles and I have lived here almost two decades. 

I responded to a listing for a house in Eagle Rock and spoke with Christie George and she and I agreed to meet at the listing at 9am. 

I arrived ten minutes prior and waited until 9:20am before I called to find out if she was held up in traffic. When she answered the phone she informed me that she had sent me an email canceling the appointment the day before as she had already accepted an application and her policy was that she did not accept more than one application at a time (a policy that I have never heard of before in my life, maybe because it's just too lazy for words). 

Needless to say I did not receive said email which means she didn't send it. But let's say she did, let's give Christie the benefit of the doubt and say she didn't forget about her appointment and lied in the moment.

If you are canceling an appointment you DO NOT send an email, especially 24 hours within the time of the appointment.


You call to make sure you are not massively inconveniencing another human being. It's called common courtesy and professionalism. 

I drove 20 miles. I woke up an hour earlier than I normally do to make sure that I was on time. I stood outside a home for almost a half hour only to find out that she wasn't even coming and why? Because she was already running a credit check on one applicant. 

When I expressed my frustrations to her, she seemed somewhat embarrassed but not terribly remorseful; her apology only quick and perfunctory. Then when I told her what she had done was unprofessional she merely said, "I agree."

Well, at least, she got that right.

By A.B. 3/10/16

I would not recommend Caris Properties and I would not use Caris Properties for my own properties.

I write this from the perspective of a property owner and landlord of multi-unit apartments although my interactions with Caris Properties were as a tenant.

The most basic and important element of hiring a professional is competency in the field and unfortunately I do not believe that Caris Properties has passed this test.  Ideally I want my Manager to maximize my earnings, operate legally, and just keep things running smoothly.

An example problem was when Ms. George attempted to illegally increase my rent in violation of Los Angeles rent control laws.  The issue was very clear but Christi George insisted that the rental increase was legal and justified.  Ms. George consulted with an attorney and arrogantly pursued the rental increase despite being informed of the rent control laws.  After complaints to the HCIDLA (Los Angeles Housing authority) the City intervened to prevent the rental increase.  The owner of the property actually lost money through this process.

With a single action Cristi George reduced the owner's earnings, granted retaliation protection, and antagonized the tenant.  The entire interaction would not have happened if Christi had been knowledgeable of Los Angeles city rent control laws.

I don't want to bore you but I can attest to a pattern of this behavior which I believe will ultimately cost an owner and therefore I can't recommend Caris Properties to any owner.


If the person running Caris Properties spent more time on actually MANAGING then the following would not have happened.

Some of the places she manages (Westside) had human feces left behind the building for weeks until the rain kind of washed it away. Maybe it was a dog but it must have been a big dog and must have learned how to use toilet paper. The maintenance guy just ignored it for weeks --- SO GROSS!


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