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Travel California: Cambria Pictures and Guest Journal Entries

(Zebra in the field behind us)

 We keep a Guest Book in our Cambria place. It's more of a Journal where guests can write or scribble or draw in it as they please.  I'm quoting  some entries. I'm also posting pictures taken at Cambria and North of San Simeon (where the seals are). The pictures above show the zebra of San Simeon in the field behind.

Raw Watches
by Elizabeth
April 2001

Often the cows would line up to watch
the cyclists race by.  She said to her
friend, Did you see that Jersey? And
her friend answered, I am a Jersey.

Valorie's Blanket
by Jeanie
April 2001

It was dark and I was asleep. Somewhere in my sleep trance I felt and heard Cecilia come into the room to get a blanket out of the closet. I thought, "She's cold," and in that thought time I felt the blanket placed onto my bed and covering me.  "She's so sweet" came my very last thought before I fell back into  deep sleep.

When I woke up the sun was shining and there was no extra blanket on my bed!

Valorie came to visit and send us her love.

Thank you, sweet Angel!

by Virginia, David, Jesse

Spacious, freeing, sweet Cambria,
flowers teetering right on the brink of blooming, 
the sea wild and ineffably powerful 
these past days ...

We've lit fires,
gazed at stars
walked through "Ireland" 
(the name we give to the walk "East-West" 
across the beautiful pasture walk at the end of Windsor)
eat at the incomparable Bistro Soliel
walk hours along the sea.

Now, back to the madness of L.A.
The tradition of celebrating an Aqaurian birthday,
now 15 years along is the jewel in the crown of days.
Thank you, Cambria.

Virginia, David, Jesse

Colors of Cambria
by Geru 

There is a color of the water here at sunset that I found on a rock. It is blue-grey-silver. It is alive. The wide open space of the home got me to breathe and feel space inside myself. This opening is furthered by the day at beach listening to the waves with their rhythm of my heart -- which brought peace. So immediately I got sick --- ha-ha-ha --- Then as the tension receded from my body and I slept soundly a second night, I awoke refreshed and ready to enjoy the last morning here in Cambria. I will pass back into the life that unfolds before me, but when I need to feel the soft feminine relaxed color of Cambria within me, I can pick up this stone and take a deep breath of peace.


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