Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pictures: More of Jackson and Nashville Tennessee

Saturday night we went to the second annual Open Mic Reading at the Comme Unity Kitchen as guests of the writer James E. Cherry (shown above).  I enjoyed listening to the poetry shared by the readers, including James, and I also shared a short short, reading from my Smartphone for the first time since I didn't have a printer handy.

The pictures below show the mural on the Rock-a-Billy hall of fame building.

 The last two pictures show us in the Game Room of the historic Timothy Demonbreun House, a noted B&B in Nashville, Tennessee, where we now are.  The Demonbreun house was built in 1901, and the Game Room occupies the entire top floor.  It's a great and amusing room.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Nashville has to offer. Many years ago, I was here as part of the book tour of When the Rainbow Goddess Wept, but I didn't have the chance to see the city since I spent all my time at the Book Fair and book events.

Stay tuned, dear Readers!

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