Friday, April 22, 2016

Travel Jackson Tennessee: Casey Jones Village, Pinson Mounds State Park

Our cats balked about our leaving for Jackson, TN, but leave we did. The almost four-hour plane flight from LAX to Nashville had a bit of drama. There was a medical emergency and a woman had to be assisted in the back of the plane, but hopefully she's all right.

I sat beside a young man who works for Huffington Post and who kindly invited me to submit blog articles-- hurrah! -- thank you Marco.

When we landed, it was raining hard. We picked up the car and drove around two hours to Jackson.  Dinner was at the Old Hickory Steakhouse, which was all right.  (A lot of restaurants close by 9 p.m. and we had to hustle over there.)

In the morning, after breakfast, we oured Jackson and surroundings and saw the Casey Jones Village, which features the home of train hero Casey Jones. The village includes shops, galleries, and restaurants, which I have not yet explored.

We drove to the Pinson Mounds State Park, which is a thousands-year old Native American archeological site. There are mounds which had been used by the Indians who lived here for crematorium and other purposes.

I will add pictures of the mounds and lovely surrounding forest, so check back.

At the Pinson Mounds museum, a staff person had a turtle and snake, here shown. Note the snake curled around her neck.

This is all for now, dear Readers, as I prepare for tonight's talk on behalf of the Friends of the Library of Jackson, TN.  It's a gorgeous day and should be a nice evening as well, so I'm hoping for a good turnout.

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