Friday, July 12, 2013

Cebu City, Philippines, With Frances #1

Here are some Cebu places we visited with Frances Ponce de Leon:

1. Zubuchon Restaurant, a chain that pays homage to the lechon (roasted pig) in all forms. The green shake is made from Iba, a sour fruit that we used to eat with rock salt. (Oh, my mouth is watering !)

A bit more about pigs: Ferdinand Magellan's Italian Chronicler of his famous circumnavigation of the world, Antonio Pigafetta, mentions that pigs were used to pay tribute. In other words, pigs were domesticated animals in Cebu back in 1521.

2. Cebu City at night, from the Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu's tallest building and which boasts of having skywalk. No, we did not do the skywalk.

3. Yap-Sandiego Museum at night. The fellow in red is the famous Val Sandiego who with his wife own one of the oldest houses in Cebu, the Yap-Sandiego House. Val is running for Barangay Captain in the Parian in Historic downtown Cebu, so please spread the word.

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