Friday, July 5, 2013

Filipina Writers Retreat in Tagaytay

Hello, from Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay!  Four of us women writers have been writing and workshopping all day. The top picture shows the gathering at the Coffee Bean in Makati. Before checking into Sonya's Garden, we had lunch at the Cliff House overlooking the famous Taal Volcano.

We checked into the Basil Room of the lovely Sonya's Garden, and soon after unpacking, we started working. We're critiquing our novels in progress and also doing some writing.

The weather is fine; the accommodations and meals great.  And the workshop so far is most productive. 

 This was taken at the Cliff House overlooking Taal Volcano. l-r: Nadine Sarreal, Melissa Ramos, Cecilia Brainard, Susan Evangelista

 Taal Volcano is described as being a volcano within a volcano.
 This is the Basil Room in Sonya's Garden where we're staying.
 Checking out a bed, l-r: Cecilia Brainard, Susan Evangelista, Nadine Sarreal
 The musician at dinner.

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