Saturday, July 6, 2013

More re Filipina Writers Retreat

Hi, the four of us are still doing our writers' workshop here in Tagaytay.  We had the privilege of seeing Sonya Garcia, owner of Sonya's Garden, and Antonio Escalante, chef/owner of Antonio's Restaurant.  It rained for a short while but that only added to the wonderful cozy ambiance of Sonya's.

When I have more time, I'll write about this wonderful and most productive Writers Retreat, but in the meantime here are more pictures.

This was taken near our cottage, l-r: Melissa Ramos, Susan Evangelista, Nadine Sarreal, Cecilia Brainard

l-r Susan Evangelista, Nadine Sarreal, and Melissa Ramos in Sonya's dining room
Here is Sonya Garcia (with hat) visiting us, a rare appearance: l-r: Melissa Ramos, Sonya Garcia, Nadine Sarreal, Cecilia Brainard, and Susan Evangelista
 Melissa took this picture of me under the chandelier that I liked.
 China Cabinet in Sonya's dining room
 Nadine Sarreal under a Gabriel's Trumpet plant
 We had dinner at Antonio's and Antonio Escalante himself was there - another rare appearance: l-r: Cecilia Brainard, Susan Evangelista, Antonio, Melissa Ramos, and Nadine Sarreal
 Nadine Sarreal and Susan Evangelista in Sonya's English Garden

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