Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pictures of Historic Cebu, Philippines - Part 1

Yesterday I walked around the Historic District of Old Cebu to take pictures. I can't get enough; the place is very photogenic. I'll post these in sections; so this is Part 1.
You can google for more information about these places.

Here also is a link to an earlier article I wrote: Walking Tour of Old Cebu 

Click here to see pictures Part 2 - Santo Nino Basilica 
Click here for Part 3 - Pictures of Historic Cebu, Philippines


1. The 1730 Jesuit House

2. The Yap-Sandiego House
3. Heritage Monument of Cebu

4. Humabon Park - statue shows Rajah Humabon, leader of Cebu when Ferdinand Magellan and his crew appeared in 1521. He was a Pintado, or Tattooed One

5. Cathedral Museum - there's a glare but am choosing this because of the jeepney in front

6. The Cathedral of Cebu
7. Small street near the Santo Nino Basilica that has always sold flowers and food

All for now, thanks for stopping by.  I'll post more tomorrow,

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