Saturday, July 27, 2013

Maids in the Mist!! (Canada Visit)

Dear Readers,
I am in Canada with my high school friends, Guia Lim, Evelyn Del Rosario, Chit Acayan!  Chit's husband, Albert Acayan, is with us as well, as our driver, cargo carrier, and harem king!

Seriously, the five of us converged in Toronto yesterday, getting into our hotel at midnight and running off to eat the best Chinese food at New Sky Restaurant, which is open until 5 a.m.  When we left at 3 a.m. some people were just coming in to have dinner.  This was excellent Cantonese food, fresh, not greasy, and super-tasty!  Our choices featured steamed crab on rice, Chinese broccoli with sliced beef, mushrooms with pea blossoms, and fried tenderloins. The chef/waiter seemed amused (or charmed) by us and threw in soup, rice dessert and orange slices, along with very auspicious fortunes in our fortune cookies.

The ladies and I had attended St. Theresa's College, a convent school -- oh, a while back-- and we have maintained our friendship through the years.  The reason for the visit to Canada is because Evelyn, who has a place in Montreal, is ending her stint there at the end of the year.  We simply had to visit before she leaves.  (We can squat in her condominium and use her Lexus while we're in Montreal.)

So Friday, after our Chinese dinner, we stayed up talking until around 4 a.m., managed to get two hours sleep, and then got together again for the 9 a.m. tour to the world famous Niagara Falls.  Along the way, we did wine tasting, walked around the cutest 1800s town, and the highlight was getting on the boat, Maid in the Mist, which brought us very close to the powerful Niagara Falls. There was a small hitch. It was raining when we stood in line to get into the boat and as we went around the lake. The blue ponchos helped keep part of us somewhat dry, but really, we were quite drenched.

The Niagara was powerful and impressive and left us breathless and enchanted, and we didn't mind that we were soaked.

After the boat ride, we had a late lunch in town, and then took the two hour drive back to Toronto.  We stopped for noodle soup in one of the myriad Chinese restaurants, and staggered back to our hotel.

Great day, with good friends.  And more adventures are planned tomorrow.  Stay tuned, dear Readers, as we explore Canada in the next few days.

All for now,

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