Monday, March 10, 2014

Introducing my Cannibal Hanging Pitcher Plants, the "Sirens"

My cannibal pitcher plant, Seymour, is either hibernating or dying. I hope it's the former. He had a flower in December and it hasn't fallen off. I've thought of cutting it off, but since it doesn't look withered, decided to leave it alone. He developed some brown leaves, which I cut off. He looks shrunken.  Since it's no longer cold, I put him outside to get some sunshine and fresh air, and maybe catch some bugs.

Meantime, I found hanging pitcher plants at Home Depot that are absolutely gorgeous. I've put them outside and hope they don't get too cold. When I got them home, I put rain water in their cups and a few days later, I found dead flies and bugs in the cups!

I've named these two hanging plants "The Sirens" after the beautiful seductive creatures in Greek mythology who lured sailors to their death by their enchanting singing.

They are like that: somehow they are able to seduce bugs to enter their cups where the bugs drown and are digested. We think the plants send off pheromones to lure the bugs. I've seen flies standing on the pitcher plant looking dazed and slowly descending into the cups. (Creepy, to the bugs!)

Here are some pictures, which include poor Seymour.

I'm hoping Seymour gets better soon. If anyone has ideas about how to make him better, let me know, For starters, should I cut off the flower? I suspect it's sucking up his sustenance, but I'm not sure.

This is all for now, have a great week,

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