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Guest Blogger - Makeup by Swapna: "Blue Smokey Eyes with Nude Lips" Look

Our Guest Blogger is Swapna Pawar, a young engineer and a ranked tennis player who is also interested in cooking and makeup artistry. 
The following describes how Swapna created the "Blue Smokey Eyes with Nude Lips" look. 

Product Listing
Dark Blue Gel Eyeliner (Waveline- MAC)- Optional      
Dark Blue/Grey base (Imaginary Paintpot- MAC)
Black Eyeshadow (Carbon- MAC)                      
Light Frosty Eyeshadow (Ricepaper- MAC)       
Black Kohl Pencil Eyeliner (Voluminous Smoldering Liner Black- L'Oreal Paris) 
Black Mascara (Zoomlash- MAC)                       
MAC 217 Blending Brush                                    
MAC 219 Pencil Brush                                        
MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush                            
MAC 213 Fluff Brush                                          

Moisturizer (Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15- The Body Shop)
Foundation (MAC's Mineralize- NC35)                                     
Creamy Concealer (MAC's Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer- NC 30)
Setting Powder (MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Natural- Medium Dark)
Contouring Powder (MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Natural- Dark)
Dewey highlighter (Tarte's Smooth Operator)
MAC 130 Short Duo Fiber Brush
MAC 195 Concealer Brush
MAC 109 Small Contour Brush
MAC 134 Large Powder Brush
Lip conditioner/balm
Nude Lip pencil (Boldly Bare- MAC)
Nude Lipstick (Shy Girl- MAC)
Nude Shimmery Lip Gloss (Girl's Delight- MAC Dazzleglass)

For the eyes:
1. Moisturize face and lips.

2. Apply dark blue gel eyeliner using the eyeliner brush and wing it slightly to the top. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just stay very close to the lashes. This is an optional step, so you can skip it if you wish.

3. Apply blue/dark grey base on the lids over the liner using the blending brush. Again, concentrate the base close to the lashes.

4. Blend softly using windshield-wiper motions. It should be dark near the lashes and should smoke as you go outwards.

5. Now apply little black eyeshadow on top of the base and blend it similarly. Start off with a little. You can always build to create more drama.

6. Use a pencil brush to create a subtle outer-v shape with some more black eyeshadow.

5. Apply black gel eyeliner with medium thickness on the top eyelid. Wing it slightly using the eyeliner brush.

6. Line the lower water-line with the black kohl pencil. 

7. With the same pencil brush, set the Kohl liner under the eyes with black eyeshadow. This gives the illusion of smoke. Wipe the brush on a clean towel.

8. Use a light shimmery shadow as a highlighter under the arch of the brow and blend slightly. 

9. Now, apply the same shimmery eyeshadow in a v-shape on the inner corner of the eyes with the cleaned pencil brush. This gives the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes.

10. Apply volumizing black mascara on top and bottom lashes. I used Zoomlash by MAC. Have at least two coats on for extended drama. Your eyes are now done!

For the face:
1. Wipe off the fallout under the eyes with a clean tissue.

2. Apply foundation as evenly as possible using the foundation brush. 

3. Now with your fingers and a concealer brush, apply creamy concealer where needed and blend. I applied it under the eyes and around the nose. You can apply it where you need.

4. With a big fluffy powder brush, apply powder foundation to set the base. Use just enough powder in the t-zone and leave the rest of the face un-powdered for a more natural dewey look. You don't want to look cakey!

5. Contour the cheeks and the jawline using contouring powder and brush. The key is to start off with a little under the cheekbones and blend as you go. Also, the shade of the contouring powder should be noticeably darker than your foundation shade.

6. Now, apply a highlighter/glow serum on the upper part of the cheek bones and on the bridge of the nose for a healthy glow. I used Tarte's Smooth Operator (with Amazonian Clay) for this. You should now have a flawless face! 

For the lips:
1. Blot the excess lip conditioner and clean softly.

2. Line the lips with a nude pencil and fill in the lips by feathering the pencil in. 

3. Apply a nude lipstick on the lips and blend softly with your fingers or a brush. 

4. Now, add some shine to the lips with a nude gloss. I used Girl's Delight by MAC Dazzleglass. Viola! Your lips are done too, and this is the final look! 

Don't hesitate to experiment with what you already own. You don't have to have the same products to achieve this look. Application is the key to fabulous make up. So dig into your make up kit and have some fun! 

I am a graduate student at California State University, Northridge. Currently, I am pursuing a master's degree in Engineering Management. Formerly, I competed in NCAA Women's Tennis for CSUN and have been a nationally ranked tennis player in my home country, India. From a very early age, I developed a love for cooking and I continue to experiment in the kitchen for my family and friends. I've done some modeling and discovered that makeup artistry is a lot of fun. I enjoy working with different textures and colors.  

Pictures Courtesy: Gihan de Silva 

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