Monday, March 17, 2014

Praying for the Passengers, Crew, and Families of Malaysia Airlines 370

It seems fantastic to think that a huge plane can simply vanish.

I've been in airplanes where scary things have happened. When we were in Brazil not too long ago, the plane was landing and suddenly, the pilot aborted the descent. It was frightening, and all I could do was pray.  It turned out the pilot decided the runway was too slick -- it had been raining --- and he wisely judged it would be safer to wait.  (That was the official version, anyway. It could have been some other reason.)

I have been thinking of the passengers of the Malaysia Airlines plane that vanished. I hope their ordeal was not too awful. I hope they had the courage to deal with it.

And if God wills a miracle, I hope they are somewhere safe.

May God keep them under the shadow His wings.

 I took the above pictures of Malaysia in 2012.

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