Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Champagne Brunch on Santa Monica Rooftop Deck

Now and then, I like to have a champagne brunch on our upstairs deck.

It's very interesting how this deck came about. Many years ago, we added a second-story room to our house, and the contractor was about to place roof tiles on the part where the deck is now.  Fortunately, he pointed out that we could opt to have a deck with some view of the city and the ocean.  

We chose to have the deck. 

 However, for years, it was a hot and dry space, and even the most tenacious cacti died there. Eventually, we added the wood trellis, which provides shade and cools down the space. 
This is the deck in the pictures, including a photo of "Luigi" the olive tree in a barrel beside St. Francis. 
It's very lovely space that we enjoy a lot.

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