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Looking Back: Writeup of Bachelors and Femina Rigodon, Excerpt by Jaime Picornell

l-r: Chickie Reyes, Cecilia Manguerra, Ana Manguerra, Paching Victorino

My friend, Lyn Ocampo, sent this excerpt of an article by Jaime Picornell that appeared in Cebu Daily news. It mentions my sister, me, cousins and other relatives and friends; and in particular a Bachelors and Femina Rigodon Social event in Cebu City.

I've added my Bachelors and Femina pictures from my file to Jaime's excerpt.

Enjoy a trip down Memory Lane, dear Readers!

One more thing - Jaime's news article includes the picture of six of us standing in my family home's living room - see above.  I've included another picture with three American soldiers from Mactan Air Base (Vietnam War Era) -see below. I was always intrigued by those young men and even wrote a short story inspired by them. One day I'll put up that short story in this blog.

The Birth of Ana (Excerpt)
'Cebu Daily News' - 2014-05-24
Part 45

 To cel­e­brate my 50 years as a jour­nal­ist, I have de­cided to write a se­ries of ar­ti­cles about things I re­mem­ber from early child­hood, and progress to my adult life.

THE Christmas season of 1968 was particularly busy. Aside from the various activities of the Arts Council’s festival of the arts, the social scene was studded with celebrations.

On December 21 Chickie Reyes married Joji Feraren at the Sacred Heart Parish. The nuptial mass was officiated by the bride’s grand uncle Msgr. Jose Maria Cuenco, Archbishop of Jaro (Iloilo).
“Oh, how many people!” exclaimed Chickie as her father Capt. Rex Reyes led her down the aisle. There were even more guests for brunch later at the Casino Español de Cebu.

The Innocents Day Ball on December 28 of the Bachelors and Feminas Clubs was particularly grand this year. A huge chandelier of Capiz shells hung in the center of the Casino Español ballroom which was adorned with lush kamuning hedges.

Papas and Mamas at the reception line were Dodong Gullas and Annie Woolbright for the Bachelors, Salutario Fernandez and Aniceta Regner for the Feminas. Presidents were Vic Torres and Pacita Unchuan who wore stunning family jewels.

So did Ana Maria Manguerra, vice president of the Feminas who danced with me in the Rigodon, and her sister Cecilia Baby Manguerra who wore five-carat diamonds on each ear, from her mother Doña Concepcion Cuenco Manguerra.

For that matter, the Rigodon and the numerous guests set the place ablaze with so much heirloom jewelry displayed that year. Ted Flores had rehearsed the Rigodon to perfection. Inday Vicentita Osmeña, at the piano, gave the cue to the Compañia Maritima Orchestra.

In January 1969 Loring Victorino was elected president of the Arts Council. She set the induction for February 23 at the auditorium of Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion (CIC). The inducting officer and guest speaker was the Secretary of Finance Eduardo Romualdez, brother of First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

The guest artist on this occasion was Leonor Sian Kilayko, daughter of Remiro Kilayko of Talisay City in Negros Occidental. She played compositions by Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin, Lizst, Triggs and Debussy. A large appreciative crowd filled the CIC auditorium.

(end of excerpt)

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