Thursday, May 8, 2014

Leading Aspiring Writers Down the Road to Creativity

When I'm conducting a Creative Writing Workshop, I feel as if I'm leading my students down a path toward Creativity. At first many are scared or uncertain; for some the workshop is the first they've taken. But as they understand how the creative process works, and as they are given the opportunities to allow their creative part to flow, they blossom. It is remarkable to see the leaps in my students' development; it is gratifying. This is what makes teaching fun for me.

I started my "Getting Started: A Beginning Workshop for Aspiring Writers " at the Writers Program, UCLA Extension. With their permission, I'm showing a couple of their pictures; they're doing their in-class exercise -- look at how engrossed they are!

This six-week workshop provides fundamental techniques in creative writing.

I like to start off making them understand that first drafts are never perfect and yet one must write them. I talk to them about the left brain-right brain theory so they understand where their creativity stems from, and that the right brain is usually undeveloped. I allow them to experience the difference between left brain thinking and right brain thinking. My theory is that when an artist or writer is aware if the left brain is over-active, he/she can use techniques to silence the left brain and let the right brain flow.

I give them concrete facts too, and at our first meeting, we looked at Setting, Scene, some rules, and many other things.

Even though they're not going to learn everything in six weeks, workshop members can familiarize themselves with the elements of creative writing.

This is a great group and I'm looking forward to leading them on their journey to learning more about Creative Writing. The wonderful thing for me is knowing this workshop will change the lives of some participants.

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