Friday, May 30, 2014

Philippines: Rice Terraces, Chocolate Hills, Old Churches

Village in midst of Rice Terraces, Northern Luzon, Philippines

I have to confess that I have a couple of boxes with old pictures. which are in disarray. I've ignored them for years, totally intimidated about how to sort them out.

Today I pulled out this packet with a disc on a trip to the Philippines a while back. Here are some pictures of that trip to Bohol in Southern Philippines, followed by Vigan and Bontoc in Northern Philippines.  I'm certain these places still look the same today as they did then.

Click on the pictures to make them big.

That's Lauren with Bohol's Chocolate Hills in the background

Chocolate Hlls, Bohol 

 Bell Tower, Northern Luzon
 Bell Tower, Northern Luzon
Sitting room, Villa Angela, Vigan, Northern Luzon

 Villa Angela
 Villa Angela
 Bell Tower of Bantay, Northern Luzon
Rice Terraces in Bontoc Province, Northern Luzon 

 If I find more interesting pictures, I'll post them, dear Readers.

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